PRP, Healthy and Beautiful with Your Own Blood

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) platelet-rich blood plasma is plasma that has been fortified with platelets. One of the advantages of PRP is its ability to stimulate bone and soft tissue healing. Besides being practiced in injury cases, PRP therapy has also been applied in the world of beauty. Treatment with platelet-rich blood plasma is unique because the blood used comes from the patient himself. Platelets are a part of blood that plays a role in the mechanism of blood clotting. Besides being important for blood clotting, platelets contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors. This factor has a very important role for the wound healing process. By adding platelet concentrations more than usual, it is hoped that the healing process will be faster. In PRP, platelet content can reach 5-10 times the normal concentration. Similarly, the concentration of growth factors. This Is the Process of Treatment with PRP The treatment process with PRP involves taking a patient's blood, p
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